In his article Mr. Rugaber proclaims USA unemployment is currently at a 17 year-low. I must beg to differ: for example, the rampant unemployment which surrounds our abode in Montgomery County, PA. is glaringly at odds with this proclamation! Almost every product I purchase, from garments, to Hardware, to furnishings, to Auto accessories, to Home Goods; every item I buy loudly declares the following: “Made In China!”

Our nation’s last bastion of Electronics Manufacturing, “Motorola Corporation” has opted to migrate North to Canadian territory so the company can avoid EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE BLUE-CROSS/SHIELD PREMIUMS. There isn’t one electronics manufacturing corporation left. And, furthermore, Goodyear Tire Manufacturing Co. also re-located to Canada to save the corporation’s Profits that they were really being fleeced out of by avarious billionaire oligarchy led Healthcare firms in the USA. The act of mis-representing and mis-reporting the stark economic realities of an American Economy that no longer can subsist upon merely service jobs is an outrageous and egregious journalistic act!  No doubt it greatly BEHOOVES american billionaires who own those innumerable corporations actually located in Mexico: Wrangler Jeans Co., Bic Pens, Bic Pencils, Bic office accessories, even freaking LG TVS are made in Mexico: and/or nearly every other PRODUCT manufactured in CHINA: COMMUNIST CHINA!